Wouldn’t it make spinning more enjoyable if the user didn’t have to do so many steps to remove the bobbin? Many spinning wheels require the user to disconnect the drive band, the tension band,  and then remove the actual bobbin from the flyer axle (steel round rod). In some spinning wheels, there is even a pulley (whorl) that needs to be unscrewed and removed before removing the bobbin.

When I first came up with the idea to design an electric spinning wheel, I had three main requirements:

  1. An easy method to remove the bobbin.
  2. A spinning wheel that didn’t use an awkward and inconsistent Scotch tension system, and
  3. Include two digital displays that would show both the flywheel’s RPM (resolutions per minute) and bobbin RPM.

The Pull-pin bobbin quick release took many months and many different designs to perfect. Every time I came up with a design, I had to take into consideration whether or not the design would work with the other requirements I mentioned above.